Keeping our skin hydrated this winter!

Keeping our skin hydrated and moisturised is crazy difficult at this time of year. Central heating, icy winds, warm aircon, frosty mornings and open fires all conspire to drying out even the best kept complexions. Skin food in the form of non stripping cleansers, facial and body oils are your solution. Applying a fine layer of your chosen oil after gently cleansing and before creams will help to naturally moisturise and nourish, feeding your skin with Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and all the Omegas required.

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Just as the winter chill has us layering our clothes we need to layer our skincare, little and often is better than once a day to keep the hydration. Wearing makeup prevents application more than morning and night time , but try cleansing and moisturising as soon as you get home and then once again before bed, see the difference an extra layer makes. We feed our body 3 times a day, so it makes sense to do the same for our skin. On that note, don’t forget to moisturise your whole body, don’t leave it for the pre beach panic!

We recommend the Jane Scrivner Dream Team – Nourishing Cleanser (£46) and Skin Elixir Daily Facial Moisturiser (£29) to give you the hydration you need at this time of year and Firm Believer Defining Body Serum (£49) to ensure you are always ready for the big reveal. Book in for the Ultimate De-Stress Face and Body treatment and you will leave feeling totally nourished, fully hydrated and completely relaxed (80 minutes £80).

These great products and treatments will be with us soon…

We look forward to making you feel fabulous!

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Source(s): Jane Scivner, Wendy O’Hare